High Efficiency And Environmental Dry Sand Making Process


Promoting green development, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and greatly reducing the intensity of energy and resource consumption

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Promoting green development, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and greatly reducing the intensity of energy and resource consumption and pollutant emission have become the binding indicators of China, and become the focus of the development of various industries in China. Developing energy-saving and environmental protection industry and accelerating the transformation of development mode will also be the only way to promote social and economic development. In recent years, with the country's more and more restrictions on river sand mining, the amount of construction sand has increased dramatically. With the development of architecture, the demand of machine-made sand has increased dramatically. At present, the production of machine-made sand mainly depends on manual production. Therefore, the main task of machine-made sand industry is to improve the technology content, optimize the product quality and accelerate the steps of energy saving and emission reduction.

SBM is an enterprise mainly engaged in the production of crushing equipment and sand making equipment. Once the new environmental protection dry sand technology is launched, it has received good feedback effect. It is understood that the new sand making process can reduce the cost of sand making by 20% to 40%. Compared with the VU dry sand making process of Shibang and Zoomlion dry sand making process, the sand making process has higher cost performance ratio, high investment yield, and is more easily accepted by small and medium-sized building materials enterprises.

Advantages of new environmental protection dry sand technology

Energy Conservation

Due to the low total power of our system, our equipment consumes less power when the capacity is equal. And in the case of the same production capacity, our company's equipment produces good sand type and particle grading. Only under the same production capacity and product quality, can energy consumption be comparable. For the gravel production enterprises, energy saving means to reduce costs and create more profits. In addition, the fineness of stone powder produced by our equipment in the sand making process is relatively high, so by-products can be classified and fully utilized.

Environmental Protection

The dry sand system makes full use of the kinetic energy generated in the operation of the equipment to make the stones collide with each other and generate huge kinetic energy through stone beating and grinding. Unlike the traditional crusher, most of the kinetic energy is used to extrude the stones, and the energy is consumed in this process; moreover, in the process of sand making, the stones collide, and the powder is directly absorbed from the pipeline, so there is no need to collect the dust alone, further reducing the energy consumption.


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