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The mobile crushing station, also known as a portable mobile crusher, is a new type of crushing processing equipment born in accordance with the development of

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The mobile crushing station, also known as a portable mobile crusher, is a new type of crushing processing equipment born in accordance with the development of the times. It has achieved a qualitative change in the traditional crushing model and solved a series of problems such as complex infrastructure construction, site selection, and manual employment. Simplifying crushing and simplifying, and processing operations in a more efficient and intelligent way, can be described as a sharp tool for crushing production and processing in the new era!

Portable mobile crusher-easy operation and high efficiency

As the name suggests, the portable mobile crusher is a convenient crusher, which can integrate feeding, crushing, screening, and conveying. It can be used wherever it is needed, and it is not afraid of the harshness of the processing environment.

Easy to match

The mobile crushing station can be equipped with corresponding crushing equipment according to production needs to form a mobile crushing production line. One or two vehicles can be used to carry the required crushing related equipment.


The mobile crusher can be divided into tires and tracks according to the type of the frame. The tires are driven by the front traction, and the tracks are driven by self-driving. During the production operation, it can directly reach the material accumulation area for crushing processing. The operation is stable and safe, without foundation. Construction auxiliary fixing.

Convenient production

This equipment generally adopts a fully intelligent control system. It has a centralized electrical control cabinet and a remote control device to operate and monitor the equipment, which eliminates the need for equipment operators to check startup and commissioning, which not only saves the equipment startup and shutdown time, but also Save labor and improve the efficiency of production operations.

From the above description of the portable mobile crusher, it is not difficult to see that the overall operation of this equipment is relatively economical, which can save a lot of overhead for the enterprise, and its own production and processing capacity is not inferior to the traditional crushing equipment. Therefore, the enterprise wants to obtain high It is good to choose it.

Sharp tool for the new generation of portable mobile crusher

The reason why the portable mobile crusher is a sharp tool for crushing production in the new era is because it is more in line with the concept of green development, energy saving and consumption reduction in the new era, and it has broadened the application of crushing equipment in more fields. For example: recycling of construction waste, reprocessing of waste concrete blocks in road construction, bridge and other industries. In addition, it is a flexible crushing equipment that has passed environmental protection evaluation and is equipped with dust and noise reduction devices. It can complete the crushing processing work that traditional crushing equipment cannot, and achieve good results.


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