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The mobile gravel production site is composed of a complete crushing production line. According to the needs of users, a variety of crushers can be selected, co

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The mobile gravel production site is composed of a complete crushing production line. According to the needs of users, a variety of crushers can be selected, combined with feeding configuration, conveying equipment, screening configuration, etc. Configuration scheme. As for how the production line should be configured to achieve higher production, this must be considered in a comprehensive manner.

Point 1: Equipment selection

Equipment selection is very important. Generally, in mobile sand and gravel production lines, with the increase of production life, most equipment will produce different degrees of wear, especially the crusher. During the work process, it needs to bear huge impact loads as the production line The backbone of the company, once the crusher fails, the entire production line will be "paralyzed".

The crushers commonly used in gravel crushing include jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, etc. The rough crushing processing of the crushing production line is basically completed by jaw crushers. Impact crushers and cone crushers are commonly used in two In the crushing field, the impact crusher uses the working principle of the impact type. The granule shape is better, but the components are more consumed. The capacity range of the cone crusher is larger, which can meet the capacity requirements of large-scale sand crushing sites, and the components are more resistant. Grinding, long maintenance cycle.

Point two: plan planning

The configuration of the production line is very important. For manufacturers with complete models, you can basically find a variety of suitable models to suit your plan. Some small manufacturers have limited production capabilities, incomplete models, and insufficient plan planning capabilities. The patchwork configuration scheme is not necessarily suitable for your site. As a manufacturer, we have seen many small manufacturers show configuration schemes for users. Many of them are not even feasible. Of course, no difference can be seen on paper. In subsequent production, There are more troubles.

The site conditions of different users are different, so the service tenet we uphold is one-to-one consultation. The production line configuration plan we plan for you is tailored by professional engineers for users. We will pay close attention to your site trends and adjust in time. The configuration plan strives to present a more suitable plan for you, laying a solid foundation for subsequent stable and efficient operations.

Point 3: Operation and Maintenance

The unavoidable problem of equipment loss is very important for operation and maintenance. Promptly carry out comprehensive inspection and maintenance of production line equipment and fully check hidden troubles to avoid more serious faults. If the faults have already occurred, after-sales service is important. The performance is reflected, and the perfect after-sales service can provide you with strong technical support. The original manufacturer knows the equipment better and the maintenance is more accurate. If possible, at the beginning of the purchase, you should choose to provide life-time after-sales equipment manufacturers. , Even if the device fails, it will not be busy.


To offer customers more timely service and solve their puzzles during operation of production lines, we push out the strategy of "Globalization & Localization". No matter where the project may be, we can always offer timely service and effective solutions. So if you have any demand for crushing or grinding, please contact us with no hesitation.

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