How To Avoid Frequent Iron Passing Of Cone Crusher

How To Avoid Frequent Iron Passing Of Cone Crusher

The frequent passing of iron in cone crusher will not only damage the equipment, but also waste time and economic cost due to shutdown and maintenance, which will delay the production process, thus affecting the economic benefits of the enterprise. In this paper, we share with you the harm caused by frequent over iron to cone breaking and the measures to avoid cone breaking over iron.

The harm of passing iron to cone crusher

1. All parameters of crusher are abnormal after iron feeding

When the cone crusher enters into the iron, the iron parts are hard and cannot be broken. They are stuck between the moving and fixed cone liners. At the moment of trying to break, the pressure rises instantaneously, the power increases, and the oil temperature rises accordingly. When the crusher detects that there are iron parts entering into the crusher, the crusher will reduce the pressure and the main shaft, increase the ore discharge port, and discharge the iron, so as to prevent the damage degree of the crusher from expanding In this process, the damage to the crusher is very large.

2. Damage to parts

When the crushing chamber enters into the iron piece, the hydraulic oil pressure of the lifting spindle increases momentarily and then decreases, and the spindle inclines at the same time, resulting in high temperature burn of the bearing.

3. Excessive wear of wear-resistant parts

When the iron parts enter the crushing cavity, if the size of the iron parts is larger than the ore discharge port of the crusher, it will be stuck between the moving and fixed cone liners. The iron parts will make the moving cone liners and fixed cone liners form a rigid collision, which will cause the liners to loosen or crack, resulting in the excessive wear of the moving, fixed cone liners, boom liners and other wear-resistant parts, seriously affecting the normal service cycle of the wear-resistant parts. At the same time, due to the The oil seal of the boom is torn during the lowering of the main shaft, resulting in the leakage of lubricating grease.

4. The main shaft is broken and the frame is cracked due to frequent over iron for a long time

When the crushing chamber enters the iron part, the impact causes uneven stress and hydraulic oil pressure changes on the lower frame and the main shaft, and the frequent over iron causes fatigue of the frame and the main shaft, and then cracks appear at the oil return groove of the lower frame body, which needs to be returned to the factory for repair, and the repeated repair leads to failure and scrapping, resulting in the fracture and scrapping of the main shaft.

Effective measures to prevent cone crusher from passing iron frequently

  • 1. Strengthen the spot inspection of the wear of the belt funnel liner, replace it in time in case of any problem, so as to prevent it from falling off and entering into the crusher.
  • 2. Install a metal detector on the feeding belt of the crusher, and pick out the iron parts of the belt system entering the crusher to avoid damage.
  • 3. Install the electric control pressure relief valve on the crusher. When the detection pressure rises after the iron parts enter the crusher, open the pressure relief valve instantly to drain oil, reduce the main shaft and drain the iron parts.

When the cone crusher has iron or other faults, the faults shall be analyzed and judged in time to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment and the orderly production.

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