Application Of Mobile Crusher In Construction Waste


With the continuous progress of China's science and technology, we have also made major breakthroughs in how to deal with construction waste. A large amount

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With the continuous progress of China's science and technology, we have also made major breakthroughs in how to deal with construction waste. A large amount of research and application practice show that many wastes in construction waste can be used as an urban renewable mineral resource after being sorted, rejected or crushed! Concrete, mortar, bricks, etc. in construction waste can be recycled into aggregates, fine powder and other recycled materials through a certain process. Recycled materials can be used in pavement bases and cushions, recycled concrete and its products can be used to construct various types of sponge cities. Water-permeable and water-storage materials realize resource utilization.

The mobile crusher can effectively treat construction waste, transform it into renewable resources, and reuse "turn waste into treasure". Its advent can not only solve the historical problem left by the rapid development of the city-construction waste , And can further help promote the green development of cities.

Advantages of mobile crusher

1.Conquer the site environment and walk freely

The environment of the construction waste site is complicated and uneven. The tire or crawler driving method used by the mobile crusher is not limited to the size of the site, the terrain is good or bad, it can go where it is broken, and the environment is extremely capable.

2.One-click startup, smarter touch screen display

The mobile crusher adopts a centralized control cabinet, which can be started with one button and operated remotely to reduce labor. The touch screen display can check the operation of the equipment at any time. In the event of an error or abnormal situation, a voice alarm is issued to reduce losses.

3. dual-use oil and electricity, more secure operation

The mobile crushing station adopts the hybrid power supply mode, which can ensure the continuous operation of the equipment even in remote areas with power outages or no power. The horsepower is very strong.

4.Flexible configuration and random conversion of various specifications of aggregate

The mobile crusher can be used with different types and types of crushing sand making equipment to meet the needs of different hardness of construction waste crushing, and produce various specifications of coarse and fine aggregates. For example: with the jaw crusher, coarse aggregates can be produced. With impact crusher or cone crusher can produce medium and fine aggregate, with impact sand making machine can produce fine aggregate, humanized design truly achieve the purpose of one machine for multiple purposes.

5. dust and noise reduction, green

In order to meet the requirements of environmentally friendly production, mobile crushers have also made great improvements on the equipment, such as: strengthening the body seal to reduce the leakage of dust during the operation; using dust-free system, noise absorption system, offline ash cleaning pulse There are multiple dust reduction settings, such as dust removal, to control noise and dust pollution from the source, and to protect environmental protection operating standards.


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