Reasons for Unworking Bearings of Ultrafine Mill

When the ultrafine mill is working, its maintenance is not only to prolong the service life of the machine, but also to reduce the occurrence of faults in the work, so regular maintenance is indispensable, but even if the maintenance work is in place, it can not completely avoid the occurrence of faults, because the mill is in the process of material processing. The loss of spare parts can not be completely avoided. When the loss occurs to a certain extent, the equipment will fail, and when the machine is used, the operator may also fail to operate, which is also the main reason for the failure of the machine.

Faults in the production of ultrafine mills are also closely related to the weather. For example, wet weather can make them rusty and accelerate ageing. This is also one of the reasons for the faults. Here we want to analyze the problem of the non-working phenomenon of bearings in production, and how to proceed with this phenomenon. What about a solution?

How to Solve the Problem of Bearing Not Working

Generally speaking, the reason why bearings do not work is mainly due to two reasons: one is the serious wear phenomenon; the other is the poor lubrication effect, a large number of dust has entered the interior, resulting in the phenomenon of lock-in; in view of these two reasons, the solutions needed are as follows:

(1) Wear And Tear. Seriously, it is necessary to replace new bearings;

(2) clean up the impurities in the bearings, add new lubricants after cleaning, and strengthen the bearing seal protection measures; the smooth operation of bearings, in order to ensure the smooth working process of the ultrafine mill, in addition, in production, some measures need to be taken to maintain the bearings, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the bearings.

It can effectively prevent the occurrence of its faults and ensure the smooth operation of the machine, as follows:

In addition to the sliding bearing or copper sleeve used at the end of the spindle of the equipment, the transmission department adopts rolling bearing and lubricates it well, which can effectively prolong the service life of the part. In addition, the lubrication operation can not be reduced in production. Besides lubrication accidents, regular cleaning and oil seal replacement are also required. In the production of high temperature phenomenon, it is necessary to immediately remove the cleaning bearings and bearing chambers and other accessories once each, and pay attention to cooling operation when working in peacetime.

The article mainly introduces the problem why the bearing of superfine mill does not work. The reasons of two aspects are introduced above. The solutions are analyzed for each reason. When working in peacetime, we should pay attention to the lubrication of the component and the treatment of high temperature phenomenon, so as to ensure its smooth operation. It undertakes most of the transmission and other work inside the equipment. If there is damage, it will directly cause the shutdown of the equipment. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of this part must be carried out regularly to ensure its working status.

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