Correct Design Of Effective Impact Plate For Impact Crusher

The impact plate is one of the key components of the high-efficiency impact crusher equipment. Its function is to bear the impact and breakage of the material hit by the plate hammer, and to rebound the broken material back to the crusher area and impact and break again. The optimization of the shape of the impact plate of the high-efficiency impact crusher equipment has a great influence on the crusher effect, so the shape and structure of the impact plate should be designed reasonably.

impact board of impact crusher equipment

According to the collision principle of theoretical mechanics, the material collides positively, that is, the effect of vertical collision is better. But when the plate hammer rotates, if the material is projected to the counter-impact plate in the high-efficiency impact crusher crushing chamber, the curve of the counter-impact plate must be an involute. The characteristic of the involute is that the material is impacted vertically at all points of the backlash plate, i. e. the incident angle is 0, so a good crusher effect can be obtained. However, due to the difficulty in making the involute backlash plate and the interference of materials in the cavity, its trajectory is irregular, and the influence of the shape of the material block, it can not actually achieve forward collision, so the arc backlash plate close to the involute is often used.

For example, the two-stage impact plate is far away from the involute because of the large size of the feed and discharge outlet and the large inclination angle of the guide plate. The arc of the backlash plate is closer to the involute below the section, and the material ejected from the unloading point is basically vertical to the section backlash plate. When the backlash plate rotates about 25 degrees, the ejected material collides positively with the second section backlash plate.

According to the actual wear situation of the impact plate, it can be seen that the section from the ray of unloading point to the intersection point of the impact plate to the outlet of the impact plate is an important material crusher section. Thus, the stage impact plate can be arranged according to the guide plate inclination angle of 0 and the size of feed inlet. The method of determining the position of the second section of the impact plate is that the outlet of the overstep impact plate is made as a horizontal line perpendicular to the surface of the second section of the impact plate, and the position of the second stage impact plate can be determined according to the size of the small outlet of the second section of the impact plate. In this way, the two-stage impact board can be reasonably designed, which is conducive to the normal and efficient operation of high-efficiency impact equipment.

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