How to Control and Adjust the Classifier of Ultrafine Mill2019-07-06

Summary:Ultrafine mill, when working, the existence of analyzer has a great impact on the efficiency of equipment and the size of finished product particles, so in orde

Ultrafine mill, when working, the existence of analyzer has a great impact on the efficiency of equipment and the size of finished product particles, so in order to better take into account the efficiency and quality of finished products, a lot of time, it is necessary to adjust and control the components, and this operation requires strict standards, whether or not. Not only can it not meet the expected requirements, but it may also damage the part. Here is to introduce the specific control and adjustment methods.

Main Points Of Adjustment

Because when analyzing the operation of airborne superfine grinder, when the air volume and pressure inside the equipment are fixed, the rotational speed of the part can be controlled to the size of particle size. Generally speaking, YZT2 electromagnetic speed regulating asynchronous motor is used inside the equipment, which is driven by standard type motor, speed measuring generator and electromagnetic slip. As long as the voltage of the electromagnetic combiner is changed, the speed of the combiner can be changed. This method of adjustment is convenient and fast.

2. Control of Classifier

This mainly refers to its control method, which is generally controlled by the electromagnetic slip controller installed on the control cabinet door and the control button of the classifier. When the ultra-fine mill starts, first press the starting button of the classifier to make the cage motor part run first, then close the power switch of the electromagnetic slip controller and adjust it. The speed button enables the analyzer to reach the required speed.

3. Speed Indicative Adjustment of Classifier

Because of the inconsistency of the characteristics of each tachometer generator, the actual speed of the analyzer differs greatly from the speed indicated on the controller. It needs to be adjusted by itself. First, the actual speed of the motor is measured by the tachometer, and then the potentiometer of the tachometer is corrected by adjusting the &ldquo on the controller panel. After adjustment, the particle size of the powder produced by the ultra-fine grinder corresponds to the actual speed of the classifier, that is, the actual speed of the classifier (attention should be paid to the connection between the motor and the analyzer when debugging).

This paper mainly introduces how to control and adjust the classifier of superfine grinder. The analysis of this problem above is mainly based on the introduction of three aspects: adjustment points, control of analyzer and speed indication adjustment of analyzer. The analysis of each point is quite clear. It is helpful for everyone to use it.

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